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Consultancy and Training

Accurate and fast voice recognition is dependent on 5 main factors

  • Professional speech recognition software such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • Minimum 1GHz PC with plenty of memory
  • High quality soundcard or USB Sound Pod
  • Noise cancelling microphone producing clear noise free sound
  • Training in the use of all the above for maximum effectiveness

Databell Computing has extensive experience in the provision of successful voice recognition implementations.

We recognise that each potential user is unique with different objectives. Consequently we will design each  implementation to suit the individual.

Training is crucial to success. Experience has shown that 1 or 2 days training can save weeks of wasted effort and time in trying to master the many elements to achieving your objectives.

Our consultants are fully trained and qualified to provide you with customised training in your office environment. After training is completed, we provide full post implementation support to ensure continued success.


Speech Recognition Solutions