CRM Accounts Integration

Gold 50 adds a new dimension to your business by comprehensively linking Sage Line 50 accounting data to GoldMine's sales and customer related data.

  • Consolidated display of account details
  • Account creation via business rules
  • Sales quote/order processing, invoicing
  • Purchase order processing
  • Back-to-back order processing
  • Scheduler
  • Synchronisation module


Consolidated display of account details

 Important financial data is available in many different forms. Simply find a contact in GoldMine and Gold 50 automatically synchronises the accounts data for you. View:

  • All customer/supplier contact details
  • Turnover
  • Credit analysis
  • Balances
  • Sales and purchase order status and drill down to any order or invoice
  • Stock levels and prices
  • Graphical analysis of sales, balances etc

Account creation via business rules

  • Gold 50 can create accounts in Sage from GoldMine automatically, using a powerful set of user-defined business rules.
  • Easy to use wizard
  • Select the field to be used as a base for the account reference
  • Choose a format for the reference
  • Select words and symbols to be excluded
  • Select account number creation options

Sales quote/order processing, invoicing

  • Create quotes and proformas in Sage and schedule a forecasted sale in GoldMine
  • Create a sales order or invoice for: Credit analysis, Write a transaction in Sage and Complete a GoldMine forecasted sale
  • Create a sales history activity record
  • Print sales orders/invoices using the company data extracted from Sage
  • Fax orders or invoices straight to an automatic fax system using embedded header fields, or email them as either a HTML email or as an attached PDF file

Purchase order processing

  • Create a purchase order to write a transaction in Sage and create a history activity record
  • Purchases can be shown as negative sales or other activities
  • Print purchase orders using the company data extracted from Sage
  • Fax or email orders

Back-to-back order processing

  • Create back-to-back purchase orders using a simple wizard
  • Create a sales order and select 'Create PO' on the sales order form
  • The wizard will show the supplier for each item on the sales order
  • User can change the supplier and 'ship to' address if required
  • Gold 50 automatically consolidates items for each supplier
  • When the purchase orders are created, the sales order number and customer account ref are written to the job reference field
  • In addition, each item line in the sales order is updated with the supplier account reference and PO number


  • Schedule activities and tracks in GoldMine from status information within Sage
  • Schedule calls, send email messages or add an automatic process for any user
  • Define criteria such as 'over credit' limits or invoices over 30 days and schedule an activity to keep you on top of your credit control

Synchronisation module

  • Map any field in GoldMine (including user defined) to any customers and suppliers fields in Sage
  • Remote GoldMine users can benefit from this accounting data without the need to connect to Sage directly.
  • Automatic synchronisation can be set to cycle through the accounts records and update GoldMine fields by current contact or multiple contacts within several companies.
  • Gold 50 can also create any contact that does not exist in GoldMine

For more detailed information, with screenshots go to the Gold 50 website